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Helene no.3 (unique)

Helene no.3 (unique)

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Our fine Helene blouse is our newest blouse model. It is inspired by beautiful kimonos, by the fine loose sleeves and a bow in the middle. They are sewn from recycled textiles, which give them a lot of character and history.

When a blouse is marked unique, it means that there is only one - which makes it completely unique! This is because we use recycled textiles, which typically only extend to the production of a single blouse.

The history of textiles

This beautiful blouse is sewn from a beautiful cotton fabric with flowers. It was bought by a lady in Jutland.

The blouse is sewn so that it fits sizes XS-L. It will therefore have a more oversized look if you wear under size L.

V-cut: 25 cm
Length: 70 cm
Width: 61 cm
Sleeve length: 80 cm

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